Molly Branson-Thayer – President & BLT Liasion

Molly Branson Thayer has a 6th and 7th grader at Hamilton, and this is her second year as PTSA president and first year as Building Leadership Team parent representative. Molly was a Kindergarten teacher, a literacy coach, a university professor, and has worked in education for the past 25+ years. She is dedicated to public education, supporting teachers and school leaders, and building community within and outside of the school. 

Molly Spence Sahebjami – Vice President

Molly has a 7th grader at Hamilton, and this is her second year as a PTSA Board Member and RET liaison. Before Hamilton, she served in several roles on the Green Lake Elementary PTA. Molly is involved in the PTSA because she values the voices of Hamilton’s wide variety of families, and she values the role PTSA fundraising can play in supporting all Hamilton students. Molly is a freelance communications counselor with 25+ years of experience leading and supporting marketing and public affairs programs.

Liam Pingree – Secretary

Liam Pingree has three children in SPS, and this is his first year serving on a PTSA. Liam has been secretary for several professional societies in the Engineering and Sciences area previously. His youngest is currently in 8th grade at Hamilton. Liam decided to join the PTSA as an opportunity to give back to the community which has given his family so much.  Liam is a Materials Engineer and Leader with 25 years of experience in Academia, Aerospace, Medical, and Tech. 

Ruchita Tulsyan – Co-Treasurer

Ruchita Tulsyan has two wonderful children: a 9th grader at Ingraham and a 6th grader at Hamilton. Professionally, Ruchita works part-time as an HR Manager and spends the rest half time teaching mechanical engineering concepts to students in various elementary schools in Seattle in a fun and entertaining environment. She was born and raised in India and cherishes Indian traditions, festivals and food. She has been a Co-President & Co-Treasurer at Robert Eagle Staff MS for the last three years and is super excited to be a part of the Hamilton PTSA community and help support our students, faculty and parents.

Jenna Boitano – Co-Treasurer

Jenna Boitano has a 7th grader at Hamilton and a 5th grader at West Woodland Elementary. This is her first year as co-Treasurer at HIMS. She has served in a variety of roles in the PTA at West Woodland. Professionally, Jenna is the co-founder and Executive Director of Seattle ReCreative, a creative reuse and art education non-profit with locations in Greenwood and Georgetown. She is excited to be involved in the HIMS community and supporting our school community.

Sarah Cook – Fundraising Co-Chair

Sarah has an 8th grader and a 6th grader at Hamilton and this is her second year serving as a PTSA Board Member.  Sarah is passionate about parents being involved in the school to support the students, teachers, and staff, and help all have a positive experience at Hamilton. She is grateful to be a part of this community! 

Andra Freet – Fundraising Co-Chair

Andra Freet has both of her kids at Hamilton this year (6th and 8th grade). This is her first year in a PTA role, and she is excited about helping build community AND funds for HIMS! A graphic designer by trade, she is looking forward to putting her creativity and skills to good use in the fundraising realm. Andra is Pacific NW born and raised and loves being a tourist in her own city and spending time with her family in the mountains.

Alison Hawkes – Communications Co-Chair

Alison Hawkes is the mom of a 7th grader, Oliver. Her professional background is in science communications and journalism. A recent California transplant, Alison has fallen in love with Seattle’s amazing summers, great pies, and the wonderful calmness of the water on Puget Sound. Alongside Oliver, she has a younger daughter in 4th grade. This is Alison’s second year on the PTSA board and she’s hoping to build a stronger Hamilton community by facilitating good communication and information sharing between parents and staff.

Shawna Sullivan – Communications Co-Chair

Shawna has a 6th grader at Hamilton and a stepson who is a sophomore and defensive tackle at Whitworth University. Before joining Hamilton, Shawna was the co-director of the PTO, co-director of the Parent Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, and a parent representative to the Building Leadership Team at Salmon Bay K-8. Her family has raised four children in SPS and participated in many local youth leagues in which Shawna served in various roles. She’s also a clinical social worker and has worked as an advocate for others in the homeless services, medical and mental health systems in King County for 20+ years. 

Regina VanOverschelde – Staff Appreciation Chair

A former teacher, Regina is a stay-at-home mom with four children: 2nd and 5th graders at West Woodland Elementary, a 7th grader at Hamilton, and a 9th grader at Ballard High School. This is her second year serving as Staff Appreciation Chair at Hamilton, and she values being able to interact face to face with the staff that supports her kids.

John Stickel – Events Chair

John’s daughter is in 6th grade at Hamilton International Middle School. When she attended McDonald International School, he hosted PTA coffee morning meetings, started a Let Me Run group and ran after-school crafts classes. He works an acronym-laden job at Amazon.

Tracey Graber – Events Coordinator Co-Chair

Tracey has a daughter in 6th grade at Hamilton and a 4th grade daughter at West Woodland Elementary. This is her first year having an active role on the PTSA, but she has done a lot of volunteering at West Woodland. Professionally, she is a registered dietitian and diabetes educator. She is excited to be supporting the school community.

Lori Dennis – Technology Liaison/Tech Committee Chair

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Jenny Ring Perez – Co-Membership Chair

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Yasemin Ulusarac – Co-Membership Chair

Yasemin has a daughter going to 6th grade at Hamilton. This will be her first year having an active role in the PTA, and she’s looking forward to connecting with other parents. Professionally, she works in a tech company as an account manager. She is dedicated to inclusion and kindness all around. Yasemin enjoys home cooking, learning different languages, and coffee.

Margaret Holt – Advocacy Chair

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Nidhi Agarwal – Mini Grants Coordinator

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Julianna Rigg Hillard – 6th Grade Liaison

Julianna Rigg Hillard has a 6th grader at Hamilton and two younger kids at West Woodland Elementary.  This is her first year on the HMIS board.  She has served PTA in various roles at West Woodland, Seattle Council PTSA, and Seattle Special Education PTSA.  She loves being outside, hiking with her dog and family.  She is excited to support incoming families and students!

Alisa Gutierrez-Vitello- 7th Grade Liaison

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Rachel Feldstein – 8th Grade Co-Liaison

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VACANT – 8th Grade Co-Liaison

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