Hamilton International is looking to support fun, person-to-person gaming in advisory on Fridays. To help make this happen, we are looking for lightly used games that are of the grab and go kind. Something easy to start, and something easy to pick-up. Fun nonetheless.


  1. UNO
  2. Plain decks of cards
  3. Connect 4, Kanoodle
  4. Simple card games – GO FISH, OLD MAID, even SLAP JACK
  5. Jenga (some play it, some use it as building blockss
  6. Puzzles that are small – 100 pieces or less
  7. Chess/Checkers
  8. Board games – Sorry, Blokus

Games can be dropped off in the main office before we head off to winter break!

If after the break, a donatable game is discovered, please feel free to bring it in when we return.  All good!

We appreciate the support.  Fun times minus the screen times.