Join the Tech Team! This year, the PTSA is focusing on the ever present and critical topic of how technology is impacting education and our students’ emotional health and social relationships. It’s a lonely parenting world sometimes. Let’s connect and support each other.  We are creating a community of like-minded adults at Hamilton who can help guide us and our children through this crazy digital world. Do you have expertise or interest in leading this effort? 

The PTSA is launching an education and community connection series about Parenting in a Tech World. This will kick off at our October 25th PTSA general meeting. 

With experts joining us, we want to help interested parents/guardians become more informed around possible topics, such as:

  • What makes an app dangerous – and the top 12 dangerous ones 
  • Digital parenting 101, practical tips
  • 5 types of cyberbullying

How do we improve the community / school partnership?

  • When was the last time you checked your kid’s school computer history? If you find something concerning, how do you report it? What happens when you report it?
  • How are the rules of the school, such as cell phones away for the day, being followed and enforced?
  • How can we connect like-minded parents, or parents that might feel alone in addressing these type of topics?

Interested in helping to finalize the series and schedule it? Please contact: [email protected]